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justinpuff's Journal

Justin Finch-Fletchley
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Name: Justin Finch-Fletchley

House: Hufflepuff

Year: 7

Justin is muggle-born, his parents wealthy and respectable. His father is one of London's top legal minds, his mother a well-bred socialite who now spends most of her time organizing luncheons and taking care of Justin's two younger sisters, neither of which have shown any magical ability. He was already set to attend Eton when he received his Hogwarts letter, and his parents were quite distressed at what they thought would make their family seem less proper in society. However, they grew accustomed to the idea, and his mother warmed up even more after acquiring something of a crush on Gilderoy Lockhart after reading his books.
Justin was rather shy his first several years of school, not feeling as if he quite fit in. However, it was around his second year that he started to realize why this was, when he too acquired something of a crush on Lockhart. It took him quite a while after that to be sure, years in which he retreated even farther into his own company, feeling as he was somehow going against his "proper" breeding. However, the summer after his fourth year he decided to come out to his parents. They were shocked, but surprisingly supportive. They thought, he supposed, that being gay wasn't any stranger than being a wizard. This gave him the courage to come out at school in his fifth year, which gave him the jumping point to become as outgoing as he is today. The poersanility that he reflected completely changed, as he finally felt free to be himself.

Justin is of medium height, slender with somewhat of a swimmer's build. He has light blonde hair, and is always meticulously groomed. He is actually extremely attractive, and takes great care with his appearance, working out often and dressing very well.

Justin is often described as a "total puff". He finds this description quite amsuing and always responds, "Of course I am - a Huifflepuff!" Though he is openly gay, it is not terribly difficult to discrern from meeting him. This is not because he is effeminate; rather, he has this inflated sense of confidence that seems extremely masculine. He is outgoing almost to the point of irritating, but has such a good sense of humor that he is generally forgiven for his forwardness or lack of tact. He is slightly distressed by the (seemingly) lack of a dating pool at Hogwarts, but this doesn't stop him from a healthy stream of sexual innuendoes in casual conversation.